1-17-20 Nicole Sandler Show – An Inauspicious Anniversary- 10 Years After Air America

Just click to play: or Download the file here   January 21 is Tuesday. It's the the 10th anniversary of two sad events: The Supreme Court decision on Citizens United which cleared the way for unlimited money in politics as it proclaimed "money equals speech", and the end of Air America Radio. After a look at the news of the day, Nicole will speak with Jon Sinton, the original Program Director of Air America, now one of the principles behind Progressive Voices, to talk about the AAR history, how the media landscape has changed in the last decade and much [...]

They Got a Thing Going On

That infographic should explain the whole sordid affair, or not.  Seriously, I haven't delved into it until this point because, as salacious and intriguing as it is, it's really none of our business.  Of course, hate wing talk radio would have you believe that the whole thing is tied into Benghazi because, well, you know, Obama. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the Lifetime movie to come out...  The funny thing is that truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction because if anyone had floated a screenplay as implausible as this, they'd be laughed out of the industry! Meanwhile, this morning Luke [...]

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