People With Guns Kill People

The Frank Luntz coached American right does a great job of one thing: coming up with pithy bumper sticker-type sayings that are easy for the unwashed masses who watch the Fake News Channel to parrot back to anyone who'll listen. We, the educated left who understand nuance and enjoy informed debate need to do better when it comes to memorable phrases that are easy to understand and echo. Obviously the fight over sensible legislation to help keep the public safe when it comes to guns is going to be a long, hard road.  So, I invited my friend - blogger, [...]

Welcome Back Grayson (and more things to be thankful for)

Today is a day two years in the making.  Two years ago, as the 112th Congress was being sworn in, I was feeling badly that my favorite Congressman had been targeted and defeated and therefore wasn't returning for his second term.  I picked up the phone and called the number I had for Alan Grayson and, to my surprise, he answered. We had a lovely conversation and I've enjoyed being able to count him as a friend.  And today, I'm brimming with pride and joy that he is, once again, being sworn in as a member of the US House [...]

Filibuster Showdown

Could we really see an end to the dysfunction in the Senate? Perhaps not totally, but we could start down the road to reform tomorrow when the 112th Congress gets underway. I just taped an interview with historian/author/professor emerita at UCLA Joyce Appleby that will run on this morning's show.  To be honest, I didn't know of Joyce until I read her New Years Day piece on Huffington Post, The Urgency of a Senate Rule Change.  I then found an op-ed she wrote for the LA Times: "The Senate filibuster: Time for a change". After hearing the history of the [...]

It’s 2011. Time To Get Back To Work!

Here we go. Welcome to the New Year. We certainly have our work cut out for us. I live in South Florida. Or, I should say, Flori-DUH. This is the state that elected a criminal as our next governor. Rick Scott's former company Columbia HCA (he built it from the ground-up) paid a record $1.7 billion in fines for Medicare fraud and pleaded guilty to 14 felony charges. Oh yeah, this is going to be interesting times in Florida. If you thought things couldn't get much worse, my new Congressman is the one and only Allen West. I'll talk Flori-DUH [...]

Saturday Morning with C-Span

If you weren't watching c-span this morning, you missed a mixed bag of history. First, the Senate showed that 100 mostly white men have no business deciding the fate of millions of young people in this country.  With the help of so-called Democrats Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Senators John Tester and Max Baucus of Wyoming, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas (and the chickenshit absence of WV's Joe Manchin), the DREAM Act was killed with a cloture vote of 55-41. According to FDL's David Dayen on twitter, Republicans Murkowski, Bennet and Lugar all voted AYE.  So, if Harry Reid had done [...]

For Crying Shame – Can You Say Double Standards?

In September of 2009 as the contentious "town hall meetings" over health care reform had dominated the news for a month, when violent rhetoric was spewing from right wingers, Nancy Pelosi recounted what happened in her hometown of San Francisco as a result of incendiary talk... and she choked up: The criticism from the right came fast.  "It appears the job of governing is too much for Nancy Pelosi, who may be finally coming apart at the seams," is just one of many similar statements that shows up in a quick Google search. And remember what crying did to Ed [...]

Bernie Sanders – American Hero

Senator Bernie Sanders is showing today that he really is a hero.  Now 6.5 hours into his tax cut filibuster, Sanders is telling it as it is. Sanders is explaining the hypocrisy in this deal which would increase the national debt by billions in order to give this country's wealthiest money that they don't need and won't spend. And we'd do it at the expense of the working people in this country who are struggling to stay afloat. Senator Sanders is speaking out for the many millions of us who don't have a voice, and fighting back against the unfairness [...]

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