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Depending on who you ask, Democrats are either looking at disaster in the midterms or they’ll wind up with massive majorities in both houses of Congress as the Republican party is killing itself slowly but surely.

I finally spoke with famed civil rights attorney Guy Saperstein who these days is a major progressive Democratic donor who believes the next few elections will be huge for the Democrats as the Republican party goes the way of the dodo.

We’ll follow up that conversation with author David Faris (It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics, The Kids Are All Left) who warns us that if we don’t do something to stop the GOP’s attempts to infiltrate and destroy our election systems, we are screwed. Then you can decide for yourself.

And, oh yeah, the Senate Republicans filibustered the January 6 commission. Yeah, we’re screwed alright. Thoughts and prayers for the Democratic party and our democracy period.