“If you want actual information about the [refugee screening] process, keep reading.”

Scott Hicks is an immigration lawyer who works in refugee cases. He posted the following on Facebook here, but in Comments under that post, he also added that Facebook has told him they're scrubbing it. Isn't that just like Facebook? So he copied and pasted his own post into the Comment section in order to preserve it. It's a public comment, so I feel comfortable in not only helping him preserve it, but also sharing it with as many readers as possible:FB told me my post was being removed, but did not bother to tell me why. So, here is a repost. Most [...]

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Doonesbury explains “paranoid, gun-loving, right-wing birthers”

Garry Trudeau does it again. So what else is new, right? He's been taking a lot of time off from his daily Doonesbury strip to work on his TV series "Alpha House," so we're left with only his Sunday strips to give us our fix. Today he tackled the motivation behind the GOP's fear-based election ads. Unless you live under a rock, you are familiar with those mini-horror films: Terrorism will get you! No, EBOLA will kill you!! No, wait, it's those cantaloupey-calfed, thuggy, drug-dealingy, smelly, icky "illegals" that you should be afraid-- VERY afraid-- of!! Now get to the polls [...]

We the people need our own channel instead of being “terrorized by corporate cable news”

Couldn't have said it better myself: Here is a recent Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter: I will not let my jealousy of Rick Steves (for turning a passion for traveling into professional success) get in the way of congratulating him for his wonderful piece on the cable news-stoked fear gripping this country. The corporate media that create this fear damage our society in incalculable ways. ("Tune out cable news and turn away fear," Op-Ed, Nov. 4) As Steves says, their agenda is profit. But how could anyone not notice the ramping up of Islamic State [...]

Pricque of the Week: Chris Christie

Image, NY Daily News memes.   As a liberal in need of a hearty belly laugh a week out from the Mythical Midterms of 2014, you'll need to look no further than the sturdy egotistical blowhard General of New Jersey. In a span of mere days, Chris Christie has been publicly spanked by a heroic R.N. from Northern Maine, the appalled Obama Administration, fellow con Governor from Wisconsin Scott Walker and Mr. Matthew Drudge himself. Rare honors. When Scott Walker declared this week that he'd rather have had a hefty bundle of campaign cash instead of a hefty [...]

Daesh Bags: “Islamic State and the League of Extraordinarily Cretinous Toad Buttwipe Lizardsticks”

Another snark-filled guest post by the one, the only Will Durst: DAESH BAGS Downright exciting to see President Barack Obama give that fierce and steadfast speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly, rallying the world against terrorism. See, GOP. He can be tough when the situation calls for it. Matter of fact, he’s probably the most belligerent of all the Nobel Peace Prize Winners. Ever. Finally nailed what America secretly wants- a swaggering pacifist. Love the humanitarian airstrikes. The best part was getting to see the Great Facilitator actually facilitate. After almost 6 years in White House, got to [...]

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Ways to Drive the GOP Crazy, Muslim Edition

This morning I noticed a tiny blurb and this headline in my Los Angeles Times: "Muslims seek to aid Christians." Waitwhat? Those icky, evil-doer Muslims are going out of their way to help--- dun dun dun-n!--- Christians?! Why, the very idea! Oh em gee! What will Republicans say? Now they're going to be forced to acknowledge the error of their ways after all these years of irrationally fear mongering, smearing, and bashing every single Muslim on earth, because... terrorists!  Since I can't find the Times article online, here is an excerpt from the same story, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune: PARIS — [...]

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