Doonesbury explains “paranoid, gun-loving, right-wing birthers”

Garry Trudeau does it again. So what else is new, right? He's been taking a lot of time off from his daily Doonesbury strip to work on his TV series "Alpha House," so we're left with only his Sunday strips to give us our fix. Today he tackled the motivation behind the GOP's fear-based election ads. Unless you live under a rock, you are familiar with those mini-horror films: Terrorism will get you! No, EBOLA will kill you!! No, wait, it's those cantaloupey-calfed, thuggy, drug-dealingy, smelly, icky "illegals" that you should be afraid-- VERY afraid-- of!! Now get to the polls [...]

LIVE VIDEO FEED! Ex-Va. Gov “Ultrasound” McDonnell verdict: GUILTY!!

UPDATE: GUILTY!!!!! Breakdown of verdict and charges at WaPo here.  11 guilty verdicts. UPDATE: Both Bob McDonnell and his wife found guilty on most charges. Mrs. McDonnell was found not guilty on a couple of them. Sentencing will be on January 6th. For all my previous posts on former Gov. Bob "Ultrasound" McDonnell, please scroll here. Well, at least now we know whether the "Throw the Crazy Little Woman with a Childlike Crush Under the Bus" defense worked. It didn't. Via NBC: The government had accused the McDonnells of doing special favors for Jonnie Williams, the former CEO of dietary [...]

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