7-17-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Better Know a Region

Today, Nicole talks with Bayan Rahman, Kurdistan's Representative to the US to learn more about the Kurdish people, their challenges and their relationship with the US & their Middle Eastern neighbors. Plus, we check in with Sandra Manis from Athens, Greece, who takes issue with how the US media is portraying their debt crisis. We end the week with a Flashback Friday session from Ben Folds Five from 1995.

Ways to Drive the GOP Crazy, Muslim Edition

This morning I noticed a tiny blurb and this headline in my Los Angeles Times: "Muslims seek to aid Christians." Waitwhat? Those icky, evil-doer Muslims are going out of their way to help--- dun dun dun-n!--- Christians?! Why, the very idea! Oh em gee! What will Republicans say? Now they're going to be forced to acknowledge the error of their ways after all these years of irrationally fear mongering, smearing, and bashing every single Muslim on earth, because... terrorists!  Since I can't find the Times article online, here is an excerpt from the same story, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune: PARIS — [...]

Thanks to Earl, I filled in for Randi today

**Update** The podcast is posted. Sorry for the sound quality. It does get better toward the middle to end of the show... With Hurricane Earl threatening the eastern seaboard, Randi headed out of town.  As always, I was thrilled to fill in. I had a blast talking to Randi's listeners.  You guys are great... We covered a lot of territory.  Here's the info and the links as promised: Dr. Jeff Masters, director of Meteorology for Weather Underground was my first guest, giving us an update on Earl's trajectory. Journalist Dahr Jamail has been covering the BP disaster for a while [...]

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