Charlie Hebdo Must Live On

Image courtesy Cagle Cartoons   The freedom to say outrageous things is one of the most endearing tenets of true democracy. Witness a fiery fellow known as Thomas Paine. A couple of brash Democratic Nations were born by and of the rape and oppression of a monied class who had to control every piece of information, whisper and loyalty in order to continue their reign: these United States and the ballsy Rèpublique of la France. Both countries produce and value satirists, that rare breed who strive long and hard to share their truth -- and keep us citizens [...]

Ways to Drive the GOP Crazy, Muslim Edition

This morning I noticed a tiny blurb and this headline in my Los Angeles Times: "Muslims seek to aid Christians." Waitwhat? Those icky, evil-doer Muslims are going out of their way to help--- dun dun dun-n!--- Christians?! Why, the very idea! Oh em gee! What will Republicans say? Now they're going to be forced to acknowledge the error of their ways after all these years of irrationally fear mongering, smearing, and bashing every single Muslim on earth, because... terrorists!  Since I can't find the Times article online, here is an excerpt from the same story, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune: PARIS — [...]

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