it's all about the money 2

Couldn’t have said it better myself: Here is a recent Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

I will not let my jealousy of Rick Steves (for turning a passion for traveling into professional success) get in the way of congratulating him for his wonderful piece on the cable news-stoked fear gripping this country. The corporate media that create this fear damage our society in incalculable ways. (“Tune out cable news and turn away fear,” Op-Ed, Nov. 4)

As Steves says, their agenda is profit. But how could anyone not notice the ramping up of Islamic State and Ebola fears the closer we got to election day?

Meanwhile, the “news” organizations accept billions from advertisers, including the insurance, drug, energy, healthcare and real estate industries that will say anything to increase profits and fight regulation. Meanwhile, for the masses, it’s terror, plagues and cute animals.

Of course, we the people could always start our own channel, couldn’t we? Couldn’t we?

Ambrose Bruce Terrence, Marina del Rey