Protests, Sports and Music

On Friday mornings, Nicole Sandler segues into the weekend with her Flashback Friday segments, featuring music interviews & performances from her music radio days. Today, she interviews Melissa Etheridge in real time about the biz, her new album and more. Plus The Nation's Sports Editor Dave Zirin on the intersection of sports and politics and the Rams "John Carlos moment".

9-19-14 News Notes

France launches first airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq. Destroys militants' depot (BBC) In the News Scotland votes NO Congress approves Syrian rebels' aid Use of force next, Congress? Clapper: We underestimated ISIS Hagel: "We recognize this is difficult" ISIS video uses British hostage as spox Obamacare chief under fire on Hill Clapper says he didn't lie... WH: "Full-court press" for climate summit Adrian Peterson's awful texts Senators urge judge to resign: domestic abuse UN: Ebola threat to peace and security OK Satanic black mass: protests Scotland Vote: Och Aye the NO • Scotland has voted to stay in the United [...]

Going Down!

  Now that the video of Ray Rice actually landing the punch on his then-fiance that rendered her unconscious was made public, Rice is now a former player for the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, you could say he's gone down. The world has now seen that actual act of violence instead of just the aftermath - the big brutish ball player dragging his unconscious paramour out of the elevator and then kicking her legs out of the way of the closing doors for good measure. The first video we saw only merited a two-game suspension, but the actual beat down being [...]

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