Going Down!

  Now that the video of Ray Rice actually landing the punch on his then-fiance that rendered her unconscious was made public, Rice is now a former player for the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, you could say he's gone down. The world has now seen that actual act of violence instead of just the aftermath - the big brutish ball player dragging his unconscious paramour out of the elevator and then kicking her legs out of the way of the closing doors for good measure. The first video we saw only merited a two-game suspension, but the actual beat down being [...]

Gliberal Goddesses

Today, we inaugurated a new segment on the show - The Gliberal Goddesses! It's GottaLaff, Amy Simon and myself talking about things that women talk about, the way women talk about them. Today we discussed the Ray Rice domestic violence case and the NFL's sad response to it. So great to hear from Keith Olbermann again! While I agree with him, I also agree with Whoopi Goldberg We also discussed some Pat Robertson insanity (nothing new there), and the most outrageous comment of the day, this time from Geraldo Rivera... I don't think we'll have trouble filling this segment in [...]

Nicole Sandler Show on TuneIn

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