Irony Alert- Day 50 of the Spill is World Oceans Day

Isn't it ironic, don't you think? It's Day 50 of the worst man-made environmental disaster in the world which will destroy the Gulf of Mexico for, optimistically, at least a generation.  The disaster began on Earth Day and today, Day 50, happens to be World Oceans Day.  It's a truly bad situation and it only seems to be getting worse! Tonight, I'll spoke with the wonderful Dr. Riki Ott, a marine biologist who's been camping out in the Gulf since the disaster began and must be feeling a bit of deja vu, as she was in Alaska when the Exxon [...]

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On a Progressive Roll

We are! OK, I know Joe Sestak isn't the most progressive of progressives (especially when it comes to the war in Afghanistan), but next to Arlen Specter, Sestak is practically Bernie Sanders!  And Bill Halter might not be a true progressive either, but if he can get Blanche Lincoln out of the Senate from the left, that's good enough for me today. The truly progressive candidate in the Kentucky Senatorial primary, Jack Conway, did win! In fact, with 226,773 votes, he garnered more than Rand Paul, the guy who's gotten all the headlines   (with 206,159 votes) or his losing [...]

Primaries Matter!

It's the first big primary day of the 2010 midterm elections. The two races we'll be most interested in are the two Democratic Senate primary contests in Pennsylvania and Arkansas. In Arkansas, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is challenging incumbent conservadem Blanche Lincoln. In Pennsylvania, Congressman Joe Sestak is running against Senator Arlen Specter. Tonight, we'll hear the interview I did with Sestak on Friday, and we'll also reach out to Will Bunch, senior writer at the Philadelphia Daily News to get his take on the contest as we wait for the polls to close. My pal Howie Klein at [...]

Strange Day!

What a way to end the week!  Today was a strange, strange day. The stock market went over the cliff because some trader typed the letter B instead of M and traded billions instead of millions of futures of something, Joe Lieberman introduced legislation to strip citizens of their citizenship, it was the "National Day of Prayer" (in a country founded on the idea of separation of church and state), the UK held an election and nobody won, and the floor below the Gulf of Mexico is still spewing an oil geyser that could threaten our country's coastlines and millions [...]

Who is Bill Halter and Why is Everyone Giving Him Money?

Well, we're still not quite sure. We do know that he's got big balls!  He's the Lt. Gov of Arkansas, and he's mounted a primary challenge to incumbent CoservaDem Senator Blanche Lincoln and, for that, I love him.  But before I jump on the Halter bandwagon and sing his praises, I want to know a bit more about him. Some groups are painting him as a "progressive populist" and helping him raise lots of money, while others are proceeding a bit more cautiously.  Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny is working hard to get the real scoop on Halter.  So far, he's [...]

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