4-27-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Laughter and Tears

Nicole discusses the news through a range of emotions, from the laughter at Nerd Prom to the cries from Nepal, and everything in between. Media strategist/trainer Joel Silberman weighs in on the White House correspondents dinner and the scandalous reports on Hillary Clinton. Plus Brad Friedman embarks on a daily show, and more!

4-27-15 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. In the News Iran bill: Sink or swim? SCOTUS: Gay marriage Japan's PM in DC: War controversy Nepal earthquake: 3,300+ dead Drone killing program: Protected in DC Russian hackers got Obama's emails GOP 2016ers talk faith in Iowa Freddie Gray's funeral in Baltimore today Colorado theater shooting trial today Obama [...]

3-11-15 Nicole Sandler Show – 4 Years Later, We’re Still Fuk’d

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that crippled the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Nicole talks about it with the Green News Report's Desi Doyen. And Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak makes her last weekly appearance on the show..

Fracking requires lots of water… from states struggling with drought

I write about fracking a lot (scroll), and for good reason. Did I mention that the Los Angeles Times reported that in Ohio, geologists have found a connection between fracking and earthquakes? Or that oil drilling and fracking are producing radioactive waste? Yet, we haven't heard a peep about Big Oil, Gas, and Fracking possibly killing newborns from those very same "pro-lifers" who hypocritically devote themselves to "saving babies." And let's not forget that fracking is linked to methane risks: “When methane concentrations are that high, water can bubble like champagne.” Salud! Awhile back I wrote Frackers are guzzling water supplies in drought states the way John Boehner [...]

2011 Year in Review – March Through May and Here’s Where Your Jobs Are Going

This morning on the show, I had an eye-opening conversation with civil rights attorney James Otto about a lawsuit he filed in California against "healthcare company" Molina Healthcare. (Ed note: I put healthcare company in quotes because I believe this company and others do nothing to care for the help of its clients.) I urge you to listen to the interview, as it's pretty in-depth and mind blowing.  But basically, Otto is representing a group of former employees who were fired and replaced by non-citizens allowed to work here under H-1B visas, after being forced to train those workers to [...]

Hurricanes & Quakes: A Blessing or God’s Way of Getting Politicians’ Attention

So far, no locusts. On behalf of Californians everywhere (I lived in LA for 14 years), I apologize to the east coast for all of those 5.8 earthquake jokes. And on behalf of hurricane veterans, I apologize for pooh-poohing a category 1/tropical storm. Seriously. You're all natural disaster veterans now too... I'm truly sorry for those who live in Eric Cantor's district, which was home to the epicenter of the quake and certainly got hit by some of Irene's ire.  Your congressman doesn't want any disaster relief aid for you, unless he can take it from your Medicare or Social Security [...]

Next Up: The Locusts!

For mid-week in August, with the President and Congress on vacation, it's a pretty damned busy news day. Yesterday, during the lull between my show here at Radio or Not, and my fill-in stint for Randi Rhodes, an earthquake hit, centered in Virginia and felt in 22 states - quite strongly in Washington DC and New York City! Having lived in Los Angeles for 14 years, I'm an earthquake veteran. Having lived through the big '94 Northridge quake, I can talk earthquakes with the best of them! I'm also a hurricane survivor.  Although I was living in LA at the [...]

Some Days Are Better Than Others

And on some days, the less said, the better. That said... today on the show, I reached out to listener Jeremy Boulat.  He's an American living in Japan.  He emailed me last month, after I asked who was out there listening.  Then, the earthquake hit, followed by the tsunami, followed by radiation fears from the crippled plants of mass destruction at Fukushima. Jeremy sent this email out to some of his friends last week: Dear friends... This is Jeremy. As you know, I live in Japan.  And recently, Japan we've been hit with a very huge, 9.0 magnitude earthquake. The [...]

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