What a way to end the week!  Today was a strange, strange day.

The stock market went over the cliff because some trader typed the letter B instead of M and traded billions instead of millions of futures of something, Joe Lieberman introduced legislation to strip citizens of their citizenship, it was the “National Day of Prayer” (in a country founded on the idea of separation of church and state), the UK held an election and nobody won, and the floor below the Gulf of Mexico is still spewing an oil geyser that could threaten our country’s coastlines and millions of people’s lives and livelihoods for generations to come.  Yes, I’d say it qualifies as a Strange Day of The Doors magnitude.

Tonight’s show started with a recap of some of the strangeness of the day with David Dayen, news editor of FireDogLake.

Gotta Laff of The Political Carnival joined in to tell us about the new, special edition of Blunt, entitled “Do I Look Illegal?”

Marco Ceglie, one of the founders of The Other 98% told us about the organization that’s doing a great job of explaining to the unwashed masses about the realities of how little we pay in taxes…

And we wrapped up the week with a visit from Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny who filled us in on the primary results from this past Tuesday, and the three coming up a week from Tuesday in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas… and we did talk a bit about the hypocrisy of George Rekers, the homophobic homosexual co-founder of the Family Research Council who hired a “luggage carrier” from the male prostitution site RentBoy.com.

And on that note, I wish you a happy weekend.  Talk to you Monday… Radio or Not!