Creepy Inappropriate Laughter

{play}{/play}  PODCAST: Play in new window   I don't know about you, but Mitt Romney's nervous laughter at the most inappropriate moments is truly unsettling.  I can just imagine him meeting with foreign leaders calling him out on a lie, and Mitt's response is a creepy cackle. I know, perish the thought.... Mittens does lots of other inappropriate things too.  Just take his commencement address yesterday at Liberty "University".  To quote Rodney Dangerfield, take them, please...  But seriously.  I don't usually watch Lawrence O'Donnell, but he hit the nail on the head last night concerning Romney's "Christians rule" speech which [...]

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It’s Getting Ugly Out There

As I was preparing for the show this morning, reports started crossing my twitter stream of violent police action against the protesters at Occupy Oakland.   The picture above was taken by someone on the scene... Hundreds of cops in riot gear, including officers from surrounding municipalities as backup... against peaceful protesters. This video was shot by someone there and posted on the ustream account of punkboyinsf.  At around 16:00 in, you see a citizen journalist thrown to the ground by police;  at around 17:00, tear gas is used; He was livestreaming via his cellphone (something I'll have [...]

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Strange Day!

What a way to end the week!  Today was a strange, strange day. The stock market went over the cliff because some trader typed the letter B instead of M and traded billions instead of millions of futures of something, Joe Lieberman introduced legislation to strip citizens of their citizenship, it was the "National Day of Prayer" (in a country founded on the idea of separation of church and state), the UK held an election and nobody won, and the floor below the Gulf of Mexico is still spewing an oil geyser that could threaten our country's coastlines and millions [...]

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