Who is Bill Halter and Why is Everyone Giving Him Money?

Well, we're still not quite sure. We do know that he's got big balls!  He's the Lt. Gov of Arkansas, and he's mounted a primary challenge to incumbent CoservaDem Senator Blanche Lincoln and, for that, I love him.  But before I jump on the Halter bandwagon and sing his praises, I want to know a bit more about him. Some groups are painting him as a "progressive populist" and helping him raise lots of money, while others are proceeding a bit more cautiously.  Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny is working hard to get the real scoop on Halter.  So far, he's [...]

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Also on the show tonight…

In addition to speaking with Bob Ferguson of Oxfam America, I'll be joined by Larisa Alexandrovna, managing editor of investigative news for Raw Story. We'll talk a bit about what's happening in Haiti, and she'll also fill us in on a disturbingly sad story about former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. It was a busy week in the war against prohibition. In our second hour tonight, I'll be joined by Judge Jim Gray, retired CA Superior Court judge who's a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and author of  Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed And What We Can Do [...]

A Heartbreaking Week Comes To An End

I'm certainly glad it's Friday. This has been an incredibly difficult week. Although Monday was just another day, the world changed on Tuesday afternoon at 4:53pm ET.  It's impossible to avoid the heartbreaking stories and images coming from Haiti, where the death toll today is estimated at somewhere around 150,000 people. Schools, hospitals, homes and most of the other buildings in and around the capital city of Port Au Prince collapsed under a massive earthquake that registered 7.0 on the Richter scale. As the days pass, the chances of survivors being pulled from the wreckage lessens. And we watch, helplessly, [...]

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Where’s The Compassion?

For some time now, I've bemoaned the lack of compassion in today's world.  But we're not all lacking in that area.  It seems that the most compassion-deficient in the US today are of the Republican persuasion. If we didn't already know that Rush Limbaugh was a drug-addled, sexist, over-paid windbag, that conclusion would have been a no-brainer to anyone who heard some of his comments today: Limbaugh claimed that President Obama was somehow happy about the catastrophic loss of life and property in Haiti because he'd be able to use our response to boost his credibility with the "light-skinned and [...]

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