Tuesday Titters

I thought we could all use a few laughs today, so after a serious conversation with Crooks & Liars' Susie Madrak about her piece "Anybody but Cory Booker," we had some fun at the expense of today's GOP and, yes, Anthony Weiner's wiener. There's nothing funny about who NJ will elect as its next US Senator, but I'm with Susie.  I'd much rather see a progressive like Rush Holt or Frank Pallone, but it seems as if the media has already anointed super hero Booker as senator.  Meanwhile, NJ is battling some fierce weather today, so turnout will likely be [...]

I’m an Atheist too

My favorite video story in the wake of the Moore, OK tornado was not the elderly woman's dog emerging safely from the rubble during her interview (though it did warm my cockles), or of the teachers who risked their own lives to save the children in their care, or the many images of children and parents reuniting. No, it was Wolf Blitzer showing his true ineptitude when he said to a woman who escaped harm, "You got to thank the Lord, right?"   When she didn't respond to his expectations (I guess he though she should drop to her knees [...]

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