I thought we could all use a few laughs today, so after a serious conversation with Crooks & LiarsSusie Madrak about her piece “Anybody but Cory Booker,” we had some fun at the expense of today’s GOP and, yes, Anthony Weiner’s wiener.

There’s nothing funny about who NJ will elect as its next US Senator, but I’m with Susie.  I’d much rather see a progressive like Rush Holt or Frank Pallone, but it seems as if the media has already anointed super hero Booker as senator.  Meanwhile, NJ is battling some fierce weather today, so turnout will likely be even lower than expected.  Stay tuned…

On to the laughter…  I was joined this morning by Rep. Jack Kimble.  I met him on twitter last week after he responded to a tweet I posted extolling the virtues of my favorite congressman, Alan Grayson.  He responded by saying he thought I was talking about him.

His twitter bio says of him:

Conservative Congressman from CA’s 54th District. Author of Profiles in Courageousness http://www.ProfilesinCourageousness.com  Believer in E pluribus unum (1 Nation under God)    California’s Proud 54th Dist.

Yes, he has written a  book called Profiles in Courageousness – first as an E-book, now available in paperback form, and he’s your typical uninformed teabagger-type Republican.  Except that he’s not.

Rep Jack Kimble has duped not only Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post, but many others, including our friend Gottalaff.

Then Laffy herself joined in to have fun with the news…  Among the stories we discussed were

“Post-racial America”: KKK to host cross burning in Kentucky; “tons of food, fun” and of course kids welcome!

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) “jokes” about blowing up newspapers

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) jokes that murder would make his job easier

Aw, poor Mitch! McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton: “I could see hurt in his eyes” over “holding nose” remark

Mayor Bob “sex therapy” Filner’s law firm’s name says it all

VIDEO: Tennessee judge cites Jesus, changes baby’s name

Somebody talk me down

New Illinois law allows firearms in public. What could possibly go wrong?

As for the Weiner-wiener jokes, I’ve been avoiding talking about them at all.  But after seeing his interview with Buzzfeed, I couldn’t help but notice that his nose looks just like his penis (warning: graphic link nsfw)… or is it that his penis looks like his nose?