5-20-16 Quick Morning News

 Victoria Jones created and edits Quick Morning News. She is chief White House correspondent with Washington DC-based Talk Media News, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. Quick NewsEgyptair 804: Wreckage foundClinton: Trump not qualifiedClinton, Trump: GunsObama to Vietnam: Arms sales?San Francisco police chief forced outDems: "Shame!" after LGBT voteOklahoma executions: WhatamessMilitary sexual assault survivors wrongfully dischargedEgyptair 804: Wreckage found (BBC, NYT, me)• An Egyptian army spox says plane wreckage has been found 180 miles from Egypt's Alexandria. Flight MS804 was en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers [...]

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I’m an Atheist too

My favorite video story in the wake of the Moore, OK tornado was not the elderly woman's dog emerging safely from the rubble during her interview (though it did warm my cockles), or of the teachers who risked their own lives to save the children in their care, or the many images of children and parents reuniting. No, it was Wolf Blitzer showing his true ineptitude when he said to a woman who escaped harm, "You got to thank the Lord, right?"   When she didn't respond to his expectations (I guess he though she should drop to her knees [...]

With a Little Help from our Friends

  George W. Bush used to say he was a "compassionate conservative." Whether he was or not is beside the point -  the fact that no such animal exists any more. The town of Moore, Oklahoma was devastated yesterday by a massive tornado.  But James Inhofe, US Senator from that state wasted no time in declaring that any disaster relief would have to be offset by cuts elsewhere.  Sickening. We are a nation already suffering from money hoarding at the top and too much being taken from those with the least to give.  On today's show, we looked at areas [...]

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Cost of War vs. Cost of College

There's a truly remarkable, albeit depressing website. Click on CostofWar. com and you can see, to the second, how much the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing us. I can't even post the figure, as it's constantly changing... the counters move faster than the ones at the gas pump. Tonight, I'll chat with a couple of people who've done the math in California.  You probably remember reading about the students in California protesting the rate hikes in the state university system just last month.  Now, Brave New Foundation, University of California Student Leaders, and the Consumer Federation of California [...]

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