I’m not feeling great today, and my savage soul could use a little soothing. So, I invited my friend (the awesome singer songwriter) Jill Sobule on the show this morning. After talking with her and hearing some of her songs, I am feeling a little better.

Of course, I spent the first hour ranting about the insanity of the right wing.  By now, you’ve likely seen this video:

In GOP world, education is bad, and you’re only qualified to be president if you’re a white Christian.  Maybe we should teach them the history of the Mormons.

In other news…

CPAC is underway, with many of the RWNJs boycotting because the gay group GOProud is participating.

President Obama, in his continuing drift rightward, is actually considering cutting energy assistance for the poor. What’s next? Taking food directly out of babies mouths?

Chris Lee is a slime ball. He sends a topless cell phone photo of himself to a girl he met on craigslist and resigns from the House. What about David Vitter and John Ensign? Oh yeah, they’re still in the Senate. (Great interview with the woman who blew the whistle on him, so to speak, here.)

And the 99ers are still shit out of luck…

And you wonder why I needed some music today?