4-18-18 Nicole Sandler Show – Gaius Publius Weighs In

With so much going on in the news, Nicole Sandler calls upon writer Gaius Publius to get his thoughts on Syria, Comey, Mueller and more. Find Gaius Publius at downwithtyranny, his tumblr, or subscribe to his newsletter!

6-9-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Funny Friday

Because the news has been so dour of late, I thought we needed to start the weekend with some laughs, so today I welcomed political comedy satirical songwriter Lauren Mayer and South Florida radio super star Boca Britany Somers to the show. We tackle some tough topics, but go for the laughs whenever possible.

6-8-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Comey Day and Howie Klein Too

Former FBI Director James Comey was in the hot seat at the Senate Intelligence Committee today, and we have lots of audio. It's Thursday, so Howie Klein joins in to talk about a good progressive candidate driven out of her congressional race by death threats & more from Republicans.

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