Florida has been the land of apathy for far too long.  The heat and humidity have now given way to activism.

Today marks the start of the 2012 Florida Legislative Session, and criminal Governor Rick Scott’s second State of the State address.  We the people of Florida will not sit back silently and watch those up in Tallahassee impose their will on the rest of us.

Nineteen cities in Florida are hosting Awake The State rallies today.  You can find one near you here.  I’ve been invited to speak at the one in Palm Beach; I’ll be delivering the response to Scott’s address… it should be interesting!  Details on tomorrow’s show, I promise.

This morning, I spoke with Progress Florida‘s online director Ray Seaman (who originally came up with the Awake the State idea!), Nick Steffens – organizer of Awake Broward, and Rick Neuhoff – one of the people behind Awake the State Palm Beach and a candidate for Palm Beach County Commission in 2012!

As is the case every Tuesday morning in the second hour of the show, I was joined by The Political Carnival’s GottaLaff. We talked about these stories and more….

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