JOhn Oliver-Mike Myers

…in Canada! Today, voters in Canada will go to the polls to elect 338 members to Canada’s lower house of Parliament, the House of Commons, to serve four-year terms. Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau, leads the center-left Liberal Party, and has reportedly surged into the lead!

Polls put the Liberals about seven points ahead but current projections suggest the party will not be able to win the 170 seats required for a parliamentary majority on its own. There have been hints throughout the campaign that the left-wing New Democratic Party would be willing to enter into a coalition with the Liberals, but no outright promises.

The NDP leader, Thomas Mulcair, held events in Toronto on Sunday before travelling to Montreal.

It almost seems as if reasonable minds south of the (Canadian) border would like either Trudea or Mulair, the rallying cry seems to be “anyone but Harper!”


Today is Monday, so Joel Silberman shared some of his wisdom with the rest of us. You should click the play button above to listen to the whole segment, but his pro-Bernie advice today seemed to include the advice not to get angry but smile, and realize that we’ve got the truth on our side.  Then, the news that broke after today’s show that Bernie will soon deliver a major speech explaining what it means to be a Democratic Socialist. 

Regarding Joel’s directive to smile more when attacks are lobbed Bernie’s way, Larry David made that a little easier to do this weekend!


Bernie wins! Tomorrow, The Gliberal Goddesses return and more… radio or not!