We are women, hear us roar. But not in the history books that have likely been written by men.

March is Women’s History Month!  We have a month, but we still don’t have an equal rights amendment. All the great things that women have done to move our nation forward is rarely reported or taught. Until now, that is.

My friend Amy Simon calls herself a “cultural HERstorian.”  She’s been obsessed with the lack of attention paid to the role women have played throughout our nation’s history, and decided to do something about it.  The result is now a one woman show and a school program entitled She’s History: The Most Dangerous Women in America… Then and Now!

Amy joined me this morning for the second hour of the show talking about the fabulous females who came before us!

In the first hour, I told you about the Breitbarting of NPR.  Seriously. Two phony Muslims from a phony organization set up a meeting with NPR fundraising executive Ron Schiller, then videotaped their conversation in which Schiller told the truth about the hijacking of the Republican party by extreme, rightwing evangelical xenophobes.  This morning, the NPR board fired CEO Vivian Schiller (no relation to Ron Schiller).  If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s the original video put together by the  James O’Keefe school of fraud:

Yesterday was the first day of action for Florida’s Awake the State movement!  The turnout was amazing, with an estimated 12-15,000 Floridians showing up at 32 rallies across the state.  Here in Ft. Lauderdale, the crowd was around 2000 strong, and in Sarasota, novelist Stephen King showed up and spoke to the crowd:

Ray Seaman, online director for Progress Florida and the guy who came up with the Awake the State idea, joined me this morning to recap yesterday’s stellar turnout.  Visit the facebook page for more pictures and recaps!

I also called on Karen Aronowitz, president of United Teachers of Dade – the union representing teachers in the fourth largest school district in the country.  She told us how the proposed Florida budget cuts would affect classrooms, teachers and students, and talked about the role of unions in this “right to work” state.   UTD has designated March 31 for a “Walk In” (as opposed to a walk out) – a day for parents and other concerned citizens to show up and surround the schools from 4-6pm in a show of solidarity and support for public education in the state!

To be continued tomorrow… radio or not!