4-26-17 Nicole Sandler Show – 100 Days of Resistance with John Nichols

Trump today introduced his tax plan, which would cut corporate and small business rates down to 15%, repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax for individuals and otherwise enrich the wealthy and hurt the struggling... Did you expect anything less? Many experts say this plan could cost upwards of $6 trillion! The GOP-led FCC started the ball rolling on reversing the Net Neutrality rules... start paying attention! D'ump signed an Executive Order calling for a "review" of our national monuments, with the goal of reversing the many lands that President Obama had designated as national monuments in order to protect them from [...]

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Wake Up FloriDUH!

I've heard that some group is considering launching a "worst state government" contest.  Certainly, there are lots of contenders.  Wisconsin surely comes to mind, as Scott Walker apparently believes he was elected dictator rather than governor.  Of course, the Wisconsin state senate is full of lawmakers so disliked by the electorate for facilitating Walker's union-busting plans, that paperwork has been filed to recall all 16 of them who are eligible for recall this year (those in their second year in office). And then there's Rick Snyder in Michigan, who also thinks his powers as governor allows him to kill democracy [...]

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For Crying Shame – Can You Say Double Standards?

In September of 2009 as the contentious "town hall meetings" over health care reform had dominated the news for a month, when violent rhetoric was spewing from right wingers, Nancy Pelosi recounted what happened in her hometown of San Francisco as a result of incendiary talk... and she choked up: The criticism from the right came fast.  "It appears the job of governing is too much for Nancy Pelosi, who may be finally coming apart at the seams," is just one of many similar statements that shows up in a quick Google search. And remember what crying did to Ed [...]

Drop Fox- Game On!

One of the biggest problems Democrats has faced during the past two years has been their lack of messaging skills. Making it more difficult is the mighty megaphone of the Republican party -- their propaganda arm that calls itself a News organization.  The fact is that "Fox News" is actually a fake news channel.  As they're a cable channel, they're not regulated by the FCC, and there are no consequences for Making Shit Up®. Unfortunately, the relatively small number of people who watch their fabricated facts® don't understand that their only source for "news" is most definitely NOT NEWS. Enter [...]

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Epic Fail!

I tried. I really tried to see the good in this Obama-McConnell deal, but the bad outweighs the good in too many ways. As True North from Canada in the Thom Hartmann chat room said as I was preparing for this morning's show, "FDR presented the New Deal, Obama presents the Raw Deal." I listened to my friend and colleague Randi Rhodes yesterday, who staunchly defends this plan.  There are many Dems who think Obama got as good as he could, and praise the stimulative portions of the deal, the guarantee of 13 months of unemployment benefits and the few [...]

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Deal… or No Deal?

OK, so Obama caved. We knew he would.  He's that type of president.... unfortunately. I go back to my continuing meme of the Republican party living in some sort of opposite world, where up is down, in is out and right is always wrong (though they wouldn't agree with that last one).  The party who's been screaming about the deficit did everything they could to make sure the Bush tax cuts for the uber-rich in this country were extended... and to pay for those continue cuts they're willing to borrow from China, Russian and anyone else who'll lend the money.  [...]

To Cave or Not To Cave

That's the question about what the Dems will do today. Or more accurately, how deep down into the cave they'll go.  Why is it always the Democrats who give in, and never the Republicans? One of my first stops this morning was to Greg Sargent's Morning Plum, where he told me not to get my hopes up... Deal takes shape on Bush tax cuts: The President is privately signaling that he will agree to a temporary extension of all the tax cuts, but only if the GOP agrees to extend unemployment benefits.GOP leaders appear willing to agree. At this point [...]

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GOP Lacks Compassion Gene

That's the only way I can rationalize the way the 21st century Republican party operates.  It's leaders don't give a damn about anyone who can't contribute big bucks to their continued political ascension or help fatten the bank accounts of their cronies. With the help of professional liars like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and everyone at Faux News, they've snookered the lemmings into taking to the streets to fight against their own best interests. I can't find who said it originally, but the thought "never underestimate the stupidity of the American people" rings truer today than ever before... Mitch McConnell [...]

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