Howie Klein of has done a weekly segment with me on this show for more than a dozen years now. We mostly talk politics, often music and occasionally other subjects too. And fairly regularly, Howie brings along a guest. It’s usually one of the Blue America-endorsed candidates, but today’s guest is slightly different.

Steven Fulop is the Mayor of Jersey City. Tonight he’ll deliver his 11th State of the City address. He’s already announced his candidacy for NJ Governor; that election happens in November of 2025. So you might ask, “why today?”. Well, that has to do with his endorsement in the race to replace corrupt Senator Bob Menendez (who hasn’t yet announced whether he’ll run for re-election. I think it’s a safe bet to say if he did, he’d lose, badly.).

Anyway, Mayor Fulop this week withdrew his endorsement of Tammy Murphy, the wife of NJ’s current Democratic Governor Phil Murphy, and threw his support to Congressman Andy Kim. We’ll discuss that and a lot more.

But we open the show with a big breaking news story for which I must thank AG Merrick Garland! I’m vindicated in my dislike of Apple products as the DOJ filed an antitrust suit against them for their monopolistic practices, especially concerning iPhones! It’s about damn time!