For almost two hours today, NJ Bully Governor Chris Christie denied he had any involvement in the vindictive closure of multiple toll lanes leading on to the George Washington Bridge that resulted in massive traffic backups for four days in September 2013. He did, however, throw a number of his senior staffers under the bus (or off the bridge, as it were), and he played the victim.

He can go cry crocodile tears with Frank Luntz. 

Obviously, the Christie blame game (anyone but him) and his endless presser dominated today’s show, which included Julianna Forlano‘s top five four excuses why he was late to the podium today and other snark at his expense!

We took a quick detour to chat with Robert Platshorn, aka Bobby Tuna, about the progress on the medical marijuana front in Florida, and other pot news too.

In case you haven’t yet seen it, just click below to watch Should Grandma Smoke Pot?, the “infomerical” that Platshorn is running around the country to inform seniors about the many benefits of the medical marijuana…