9-23-20 Nicole Sandler Show – The End of America? with Harvey J. Kaye

Download here or click below to play     It's very difficult to digest all that's happening around us, as it feels like the end of the American experiment. I'm not sure the US can survive if it continues on this Trumpian course. But then again, I'm not a historian. So we'll speak with one today. Harvey J. Kaye is a historian and former professor at University of Wisconsin/Green Bay, and the author of a number of books including Thomas Paine & the Promise of America; The Fight for the Four Freedoms; Take Hold of Our History; FDR on Democracy._ [...]

6-10-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Our Surveillance State with Jason Leopold

Download here or click below to play   The House Judiciary Committee today held a hearing on racial profiling and police brutality. It's long past due. Senate Republicans have promised their own police reform legislation, though their original deadline of Friday to release their plan has been scrapped. On the other side of the issue is the Dept of Justice, who's fighting incoming on a number of fronts today, which I'll detail during the program. Today's guest is Jason Leopold, senior investigative reporter for Buzzfeed News, who broke the story last week that the DEA was given sweeping new authority [...]

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