dems v gop equality v division

The Los Angeles Times is reporting on a study by the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health that finds that “that people with conservative ideologies were more likely to die in the study period than their liberal peers.”

Hey, if I were that paranoid about things like dark-skinned people taking over White Amurka, women popping birth control pills like candy while blithely signing up for their daily abortion, poor families making all that annoying noise about wishing they could eat, UnAmericans prying AK-47s away from toddlers, and happy gay couples causing the hetero divorce rate to skyrocket, I’d likely kick the bucket earlier, too. That kind of stress takes its toll, you know! It’s exhausting to be so inflexible, willfully ignorant, insular, and fearful:

Based on the 28.2% of participants who had died during follow-up, the scientists found that, for the most part, political partly affiliation didn’t matter all that much between the two rival parties, although Independents were less likely to die than Democrats.


Political ideology, on the other hand, seemed to paint a different picture. Conservatives and moderates were both about 6% more likely to die in the study period than liberals were.

Now before my adorable trolls get all bent out of shape, I get that this is only one study. But think about it: If you “favor reform, are open to new ideas, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; not bound by traditional thinking; broad-minded— as opposed to someone who “tends to oppose change”— wouldn’t it make sense that you’d live longer?