She Wrote A Little Song About It: Lauren Mayer!

    And … she sings. Yes, this is indeed the same Lauren Mayer of The Political Carnival fame! She's graciously agreed to let us post her highly hilarious musical satirizations and observations here at Laffy's Place at Radio or Not as well, and more tickled I could not be to have the pleasure of introducing her. Lauren's description of this week's 'tribute' to 50 Shades of Grey: The Real Reason Behind the Success of "50 Shades Of Triple Crap" The runaway success of these books (and now the movie based on the first one) could be seen as a sign [...]

Study: Conservatives die sooner than liberals

The Los Angeles Times is reporting on a study by the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health that finds that "that people with conservative ideologies were more likely to die in the study period than their liberal peers." Hey, if I were that paranoid about things like dark-skinned people taking over White Amurka, women popping birth control pills like candy while blithely signing up for their daily abortion, poor families making all that annoying noise about wishing they could eat, UnAmericans prying AK-47s away from toddlers, and happy gay couples causing the hetero divorce rate to skyrocket, I'd likely kick the bucket earlier, [...]

“Whoever thought that conservatives were really utopians?” #GOPdelusion

Image via Who remembers the 2012 tea party debate at which Ron Paul was asked by Wolf Blitzer: “Congressman, are you saying that society should just let [an uninsured 30-year-old man in coma] die?” (some audience members shouted “Yeah!”). Paul's reply?  “We’ve given up on this whole concept that we might take care of ourselves or assume responsibility for ourselves. Our neighbors, our friends, our churches would do it." Delusional much? I can't even get my neighbor to stop her dog from peeing on my grass, let alone convince her to give me a helping hand should I ever fall [...]

Nukes, Liberals and the End of the World

That was today's show in a nutshell... Well, the nut part was the talk about the rapture. But let's start with the serious stuff first. Nuclear power.  When the end of the world does come, it'll be due to nukes... whether of the plants of mass destruction (my new name for nuclear power plants) or nuclear weapons. And the way things are going, it could happen soon. Very soon. But we do have a chance to save the world. Harvey Wasserman - the guy behind MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) back in the 70s - has never stopped fighting [...]

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