Bless those that turn SNL into an easy access run at 3 a.m. when you’ve been a low energy hippie …

Anyone else who thinks this crew equals the 1970’s classic casts, leave a nod. I’m feeling like it’s progressives’ happy reward at the end of a hard-slogged week in ye olde Trumpian Grade muck.


The pointed Jeff Danziger via Vermont’s The Rutland Herald.




Because we can.

The Cold Open.



Tom Hanks?!?! Primo. Sitting Ovations.


You forget what an incredible actor Tom Hanks truly is … until he does that segment in stone cold character.


A nice slice of Lady Gaga.


Manterruption is word of the decade.

“We have to show our IUD” …

Did Laffy (aka @GottaLaff ) write this one?!!! I’m totally serious.



Poor Kramer.



Closing with Tom Hank’s monologue. Warm and fuzzy.



“Ya need all those guns, kiddo?” Huzzah for Tom Hanks.