Emptywheel Fridays on the Nicole Sandler Show 3-29-24

     Every Friday is a good Friday here because Marcy Wheeler of emptywheel.net is our guest for the whole hour, recapping most of the important news of the week. Today we touch on the Ronna NotRomney McDaniel/NBC News mess, the latest Trump trial news, Trump financial issues and gag orders, the Supreme Extreme Court, Julian Assange and Hunter Biden too... And we wish Marcy Wheeler a very happy birthday too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruXYHmPUOGY

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SNL 10-22 … Heavy Humour Edition #2016GeneralHilarity

  . Bless those that turn SNL into an easy access run at 3 a.m. when you've been a low energy hippie ... Anyone else who thinks this crew equals the 1970's classic casts, leave a nod. I'm feeling like it's progressives' happy reward at the end of a hard-slogged week in ye olde Trumpian Grade muck. . . .   The pointed Jeff Danziger via Vermont's The Rutland Herald.     Now. Because we can. The Cold Open.     Tom Hanks?!?! Primo. Sitting Ovations.   You forget what an incredible actor Tom Hanks truly is … [...]

6-30-15 News Notes

TRNS News Notes is brought to you by Victoria Jones. Victoria Jones is the Chief White House correspondent and global analyst of the Washington DC based Talk Radio News Service, where her insight and analysis are made available to over 400 news talk radio stations around the country and internationally. News Now Obama rolls out overtime rule Greece crisis: Latest U.S. warns Iran over nuke deal SCOTUS allows use of execution drug SCOTUS allows independent redistricting commissions SCOTUS blocks Obama's limits on power plants Same-sex marriage: States' fallout FBI opens probe into NY prison Chris Christie: "Telling it" today at [...]

Journalistic Integrity vs the Mainstream Corporate Media

Obviously, dear reader/listener, you know that this site and my show is about as far from the "mainstream/corporate media" as possible.  So perhaps I give little-known news blogs the benefit of the doubt more often than I should - though I still believe we're more likely to get the truth from intrepid reporters who hold no allegiance to corporate overlords. That said, a dose of healthy skepticism is also a good thing to hold on to - regardless of who is telling the story. Last month, as we were trying to figure out what had actually happened in Syria after [...]

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NBC Big Olympic Fail

Listen to this episode: {play}http://traffic.libsyn.com/radioornot/20120730_Nicole_Sandler_Show_-_NBC_Fail.mp3 {/play} Podcast: Play in new window I know I risk being banned from Twitter for criticizing NBC's Olympic coverage, but I just can't help myself. The beautiful image above wasn't seen by the millions of Americans who tuned in - via tape delay - to the Opening Ceremonies of the XXX Olympiad in London. (Britain's Guy Adams' Twitter account was suspended after repeated tweets criticizing NBC and at least one containing the email address of an NBC executive!) But I have so many things to complain about that I'll take the risk. 1. Stop with [...]

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We’re Going to the Dogs

On Friday afternoon, twitter was all a-tweet with the news that MSNBC had suspended Keith Olbermann - INDEFINITELY! - because he had the hubris to donate to three political campaigns... without asking permission from the corporation first! That's the important part.  Not the fact that someone working for this news organization made a political contribution, but that he didn't ask permission first!  Seriously?!?!  This is the corporatocracy of which we've been warned.  (And the right screams of 'facism'? Seriously?) Well, after a weekend of hand-wringing and petition signing, MSNBC chief Phil Griffin this morning announced that Keith will be back [...]

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