Some people might be discouraged by the results from the Wisconsin recall elections last night.  But today I’m taking the optimistic route.

The Democrats picked up two senate seats; the people of Wisconsin recalled two Republican state senators, truly changing the balance of power, and fighting back against the big corporate dollars and the heinous Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

Of course, the returns came in with a bit of controversy.  What else would you expect from the county that brought us 14,000 extra votes “discovered” on the pc of the supervisor of elections days after the last Supreme Court race?

Brad Friedman ( has been the go-to guy on election fraud for years.  Although he was up very late last night covering the Wisconsin recall elections and the late returns from Waukesha County and the Katherine Harris of Wisconsin, Kathy Nicklaus, he agreed to get up early and go over what happened with us this morning.

I also spoke with the PCCC’s Stephanie Taylor about how recalling two GOP state senators is a huge, historic victory for the people of Wisconsin.

Yesterday, Harry Reid announced his appointees to the “Super Committee”: Senators John Kerry, Patty Murray and Max Baucus.  I called on FDL’s David Dayen to explain the significance of those choices.

Of course, after our conversation, the GOP announced the names of all six of their committee members.  On the House side, Boehner appointed Jeb Hensarling (TX), Dave Camp (MI), and Fred Upton (MI too).  From the Senate, Mitch McConnell named John Kyl (AZ), Pat Toomey (PA), and Rob Portman (OH).  We’ll deal with those tomorrow.  Perhaps by then, Nancy Pelosi will make her picks too… then we can move on to fight the austerity measures they’re sure to try to enact.

And in case you hadn’t heard it yet… Dylan Ratigan was on a tear yesterday. You have to wonder how long it’ll be before the powers that be in MSNBC call him in to tell him to watch his tone!

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