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Please welcome back regular guest contributor, author of Being Christian – a racy novel that explores the dark underbelly of the right-wing Christian world – and the go-to blogger on shocking religion news, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state (weekly upchucks), KC Boyd.

You can link over to the official KC Boyd site here for the rest of this post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a ton of great upchuckable stuff, including antidotes! These are but a few of her weekly “where religion meets your rights” collection:

Your Weekly Upchucks: The place where religion meets your rights

– by KC Boyd

Abortion, Contraception And Other Women’s Issues


Fifty Shades Of Barking Mad

Fifty Shades Of Hate

Fifty Shades of Lying Propaganda

  • #ChristerSpew Jindal: Christians are assaulted and victimized by Hollywood and Corporate America

If Media’s The Message

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

Politics Nation

  • #MayHisCampaignRestInPeace Rick Santorum calls President Obama a “nig” “
  • #PanderParty Bush burnishes his religious right bona fides by recalling his full fanatic act during the Terri Schiavo fiasco.
  • #MaybeNotSoMaleable Bombshell: Marco Rubio’s Miami Church: Exorcisms, Creationism, Anti-Gay Policies
  • #PoliticalZionism Anti-Gay Hate Group Will Bring Fox News, GOP Hopefuls On A Trip To Israel
  • #HawksTheLoogie Huckajesus Goes On Insane Rant: I Will Call Down Fire From Heaven If I Have To

Religion Gone Mad Gone Bad

Same Sex Issues

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage


Supremes And Lower Courts

Theocracy Rising