What a way to end the week… It was a busy show tonight. So click on the player above, and here’s what you’ll hear:

Since today is Earth Day, we started the show with a conversation with Jeff Regen, VP of Online Communications for Defenders of Wildlife. In addition to a campaign to urge people to dedicate a day of service to the earth, they’ve also spearheaded a drive to make Discovery Inc rethink its terrible idea to air a program on its TLC channel called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

There is a light at the end of the Boehner tunnel. I spoke with Justin Coussoule, the Democratic challenger running against John Boehner for the Congressional seat from Ohio’s 8th District! Justin was just endorsed by the Blue America PAC, so help him get the orange guy out of our Congress, if you can.

Last night, I played the phone message left on FreedomWorks voicemail by voice actor D.C. Douglas that wound up costing him his gig as the announcer voice in the GEICO commercials. Tonight, I spoke with D.C. Douglas and heard the whole story, first hand, from the voice himself!

I liked D.C. yesterday, when I first heard the story, and like him even more today, after speaking with him…and seeing this video he put together:

Jack Rice checked in with a report from the Talk Radio News Service

And we wrapped up the week with a visit from comedian/actor/author John Fugelsang

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Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back with a new show Monday — 6-8pm ET.