For months now, we’ve been talking about the TPP as NAFTA on steroids. Just last week, thanks to our friends at wikileaks, we now know about TiSA which, after doing a bit of research and a lot of reading, I can confidently say is like the TPP on steroids.

Although I tried to read the leaked docs via wikileaks, it was almost impossible to follow. David Dayen explains why in an article titled, “The Scariest Trade Deal Nobody’s Talking About Just Suffered a Big Leak

Reading the texts (here’s an example, the annex on air transport services) makes you realize the challenge for members of Congress or interested parties to comprehend a trade agreement while in negotiation. The “bracketed” text includes each country’s offer, merged into one document, with notations on whether the country proposed, is considering, or opposes each specific provision. You need to either be a trade lawyer or a very alert reader to know what’s going on. But between the text and a series of analyses released by WikiLeaks, you get a sense for what the countries negotiating TiSA want.

But the article tells us what the mainstream media won’t – that if Fast Track passes a vote, reportedly coming up this week, not only will TPP and TTIP be inevitable, but so will TiSA…

The deal would liberalize global trade of services, an expansive definition that encompasses air and maritime transport, package delivery, e-commerce, telecommunications, accountancy, engineering, consulting, health care, private education, financial services and more, covering close to 80 percent of the U.S. economy. Though member parties insist that the agreement would simply stop discrimination against foreign service providers, the text shows that TiSA would restrict how governments can manage their public laws through an effective regulatory cap. It could also dismantle and privatize state-owned enterprises, and turn those services over to the private sector. You begin to sound like the guy hanging out in front of the local food co-op passing around leaflets about One World Government when you talk about TiSA, but it really would clear the way for further corporate domination over sovereign countries and their citizens.

Scared yet? Then call your Congressman and tell him/her to vote NO on Trade Promotion Authority aka Fast Track!

David Dayen was on with me this morning to talk about that piece and his newest article that just posted this morning at the American Prospect, “Fast Track to the Corporate Wish List,” giving us the history of the office of the US Trade Representative and modern “trade” deals.

Today is Monday, which means a visit from media strategist, consultant and trainer Joel Silberman who today joined in to talk about

And finally, I started the show by playing “You Get What You Give” from the band New Radicals. That song was mentioned by Ashley Biden in her moving tribute to her late brother Beau at his funeral on Saturday. She said Beau always played that song for her when they had breakfast together… she thought of it as his theme song, reciting from the lyrics

This whole damn world can fall apart
You’ll be OK, follow your heart
You’re in harm’s way, I’m right behind

That song, which is also one of my all-time favorites, also contains these words of wisdom

Don’t let go
I feel the music in you
Fly high
What’s real can’t die
You only get what you give
You’re gonna get what you give
(don’t give up)
Just don’t be afraid to live

Health insurance rip off lying
FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they’re multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson,
Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson
You’re all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We’ll kick your ass in!

Watch and listen here. And should you decide to purchase the whole CD (Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too), one of my favorite albums, please follow the link for Amazon here!  And note the cool hat that Gregg Alexander is wearing – I’ll include my hat in our fundraising auction, coming soon. Stay tuned!


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