5-23-22 Nicole Sandler Show – Tell Me Everything while Rethinking Trade with John Fugelsang & Lori Wallach

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   We're starting the week off running with two great guests, so don't be late today. We'll begin the week with an old friend of the show, John Fugelsang! He used to come on with me weekly, but then got too busy... We hadn't spoken in a while when I reached out this morning, and he said Yes. So, we have about 7 years to catch up on. Of course, I think I want to talk to him about the perversion of religion [...]

6-6-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein and a Trade Heads-Up with Lori Wallach Too

    It's Thursday, which means that Howie Klein of Down with Tyranny and the Blue America PAC joins in the discussion. Today, how Trump could win re-election (God, please no)... We'll start things with a quick call to Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch to get an update on the new NAFTA debacle.

5-31-17 Nicole Sandler Show – The Paris Climate Accord. German Cars & Chaos

Nicole Sandler welcomes Desi Doyen of the Green News Report to tell us what's at stake if Trump pulls the US out of the Paris Climate accord. Dave Johnson  of the Center for Media & Democracy then joins in to talk about Trump's tough trade talk about Germany, their cars and more.

8-8-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Cannabis Cures

  As you probably know by now, I'm fighting cancer. I'm nothing if not thorough, and the search for the right surgeon to cut this cancer out of me is frustrating at best. I've long known of the medicinal and healing properties of cannabis. A few years ago, I even narrated the TV program, Should Grandma Smoke Pot? My research brought me to PhoenixTears.ca, the official website of cannabis as a cure pioneer Rick Simpson, who famously began giving his home made "hemp oil" to friends and neighbors in Canada, with astounding results. Today, Rick is living in Croatia, still [...]

7-5-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Dawning of a New Era

It was an exciting day at our studios today, as The Randi Rhodes Show officially returned to our radios, er, devices. We're still working out some of the bugs, but here we are, at the dawning of a new media era. Her show follows mine each afternoon, so just stay tuned! I hope you'll listen and support both shows because without you, we're just talking into thin air... As I was driving up to the studio today, FBI Director James Comey appeared at the podium to announce the results of their investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server [...]

Thursday, June 30, 2016

  Turkish media say 13 suspects have been detained over Istanbul airport attack, including 3 foreign nationals (AP) Morning Jumpstart Canada's pols <3 Obama: "4 more years!" Obama slams Trump over trade Istanbul attack: Obama, CIA suggest ISIS Senate passes Puerto Rico debt bill - finally GOP Cleveland convention: Looming chaos?... Trump moves to quash rebellious delegates Obama raises concerns: Brexit vote Houston woman killed daughters to punish husband Canada's Pols <3 Obama: "4 More Years!" (Politico, Fox News, me) • Canadian lawmakers directed chants of "Four more years!" towards President Obama Wednesday as he wrapped up the first speech [...]

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Morning Jumpstart Attack at Istanbul airport: 36 dead House Benghazi report: No Clinton smoking gun Benghazi report: 5 serious accusations Benghazi report: Democrats' reax Senate Dems block "poison pill" Zika bill SCOTUS won't hear abortion restriction appeal Trump: Trade "rape" - Biz bites back Attack at Istanbul Airport: 36 Dead (BBC, NYT, Hill, TMN, me) • A gun and bomb attack on Istanbul's Ataturk international airport has killed at 36 people and injured more than 140, officials say. Three attackers opened fire near an entry point to the terminal late Tuesday and blew themselves up after police fired at them, [...]

7-2-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Death & Drugs

Death and Drugs go together in many ways. Today, we'll deal with them both separately and together... Death, as in the Death Penalty, which the Supreme Court just upheld in the worst way. Author Barry Graham, who's witnessed two executions, writes about it and talks with us today. As for drugs, your costs are going up under TPP. Michael Grunwald got hold of the TPP chapter dealing with prescription drugs, and also joins us today.

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