CNN aired a pretty remarkable program last night.  I don’t know if they’re going to air it again or make it available online – so the next best thing is to watch Should Grandma Smoke Pot?“.  It was put together by Robert Platshorn, the guy behind The Silver Tour, who also holds the distinction of being imprisoned longer than any other American on marijuana charges.

Yes. That familiar voice narrating the video is mine.  Robert Platshorn joined me on the show this morning to talk about the CNN special report, Weed, and to update us on the medical marijuana movement here in Florida and other states, his Senior Lobbying trip to DC, and how you can help get Grandma on the air around the country.

It’s Monday.  That means the good folks at Crooks and Liars spent yesterday watching the Sunday talking head shows so we didn’t have to. Nicole Belle joins us every week at this time to let us know what we missed…

Maybe it’s because I’m so excited about the return of Breaking Bad, but I watched the Sunday shows with one sentence reverberating in my head: What are these guys smoking?

I’m guessing Louie Gohmert is a crack man based on the assertion that the GOP opposition to Obamacare is the same process that got us the Constitution.

David Brooks’ coke habit has clearly left him paranoid, because in talking about the dying business model of newspapers (which still inexplicably employ him), he likened the “new media” of bloggers as 12  year old “junior high schoolers”.

And Donald Trump has to be getting some high level ganja when he warned Jonathan Karl (why, why is he being interviewed in the first place, ABC?) that birtherism could hurt putative 2016 presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, with him openly pondering if Cruz is eligible to run.

And I’d suggest that Steve King is on some magic mushrooms with his visions of drug mules with melon-sized calves and 75 lbs of pot crossing openly over the border. Republican strategist Ana Navarro told him flat out he needs to get some therapy.  You know, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

I’m not sure what Reince Priebus is on, although it clearly gives him delusions of grandeur and severe memory lapses.  For all his whining about the upcoming Hillary Clinton productions and how he would not let CNN or NBC moderate a GOP debate, he had a ridiculously lame response to Candy Crowley pointing out that the production may be co-produced by Fox too.