As I’ve been saying since the election returns came in, the Democratic Party needs to make some big changes or it might be ready for the proverbial fork, because it’ll be done.

Yesterday, the two parties voted for their leadership for the 114th Congress which will convene in January. Surprise (or not), meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses. Nancy Pelosi will remain House Minority Leader, and Harry Reid will still lead the Senate Democrats, though this time as Minority Leader.

The people waiting in the wings are the same as they’ve been, and the Democrats are still making the same idiotic moves, showing that they’ve learned nothing.

Except for one thing…  a new leadership position was created for Elizabeth Warren!


Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim spoke with Warren after yesterday’s announcement, and he joined me this morning on the show to tell us about it.

Yes, I’m ready for Warren!!

elizabeth warren hats



It’s Friday! We end each week with #FlashbackFriday and a blast from my music radio past as a way to start the weekend. Today it was an Aimee Mann double-header. We heard a 2000 session from LA’s Channel 103.1 with Aimee and her husband Michael Penn who were embarking on a joint tour called Acoustic Vaudeville. And then we went back a few more years for a KSCA Music Hall session with Aimee from June of 1996.

We’ll reconvene on Monday with Howie Klein and a look ahead, and we’ll also get the latest from Global Trade Watch on the Trans Pacific Partnership. See you then, radio or not!