Oh, those self-righteous, sin-lovin’ GOPpers … how grand it is when they get caught with their trousers down.

Or a prized Ernst staffer mows down a street sign while sporting twice the legal hooch limit — then baldly denies even being the driver to the Urbandale Iowa Police Occifer. Then, unchastened, she rinses and repeats the misdemeanor less than a month later.

What makes the first of two drunken incidents uber-interesting is actually the genius, if less than by protocol, method the Trooper employed to get a few words of actual Truth out of a Republican; particularly one who spins for a living. The Des Moines Register fills us in.


An Urbandale police officer told a former spokeswoman for U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst that he would not arrest her if she told the truth about whether she had been driving drunk, video of the incident shows.

Praise Jeebus, there is delicious video footage to savor as well. Officer Joshua Button had quite the Herculean challenge, extracting truthiness from Gretchen Hamel, The Castrator’s panicked and plastered staffer at the scene.

 Button said, “Obviously with an OWI, you would get fired,” to which Hamel agrees. A minute later, Button asks her again for “the truth.”

“I’m leaning towards not charging you with OWI, OK? Not because I don’t believe you were driving. I know for a fact you were driving, but because I don’t really necessarily think that you need to be fired from your job for this, OK?” Button said. “That being said, you were the driver, correct?”

Hamel admits she was and said she was pulling over to call a friend to pick her up.

Apparently the incident didn’t slow her cocktailing down one Iowa iota, as Hamel was picked up driving drunky barely more than three weeks later, after which she finally was fired by Ernst.

Perhaps Hamel was simply promoted to hog castration duty at home in Iowa by the DC-bound Senator Elect.


Image, Cagle Cartoons:Taylor Jones

Image, Cagle Cartoons:Taylor Jones


We have to ask … was this clue-jammed incident in actuality some potent Trickle-down Hubris that reflects a culture of ego underneath the Ernst smarmy farm charm? The overt gun fondling and Personhood obsessions may be the mere tip of the mammoth Iowan manure pile.

Oink. Time and The Castrator’s character will tell.