You cannot get a real news report via broadcast or cable news any more.  With the exception of a few shows, it’s corporate controlled drek through which one must wade to try to pull some facts.  But the truth is, there’s so much news to discuss.  I just wish some of it was good.

The word from Japan seems to get scarier by the minute.  As most of the coverage on the TV is about the disaster there, I figured today would be a good day to focus on some of the stories not getting any attention here at home.

So, this morning, I checked in with David Swanson, author of War Is A Lie, to find out about today’s vote in the House to end the war in Afghanistan.  That’s something you likely won’t hear about on the TV news, because it’s been canceled.  (BTW, click to read his latest, “Is Obama Even Worse than Bush?” here.)

I spoke with Tim Karr of and about today’s vote in the House to de-fund NPR.  Unfortunately, you probably will hear about that one on the “news” but you certainly won’t hear the story about how this vote was predicated by a slimy sting and editing of a video out of context…. because the news has been canceled.

I spoke with Lance Enderle, former and current candidate for Congress from Michigan’s 8th district, who was in Lansing yesterday, fighting to retain democracy.  Yes, another story being ignored by the media because, say it together with me, the news has been canceled.

As he does on most Thursday mornings, John Fugelsang joined in to talk about the news – with no restrictions on any topics.

I’m off to get a root canal.  I know, lucky me!

As always… thanks for supporting the show.