Mondays. They happen like clockwork every week, coming right after the weekend to put an official end to our fun. So on Mondays, we check in with Jonathan Larsen of The Fucking News  to help ease us back into the work week with an irreverent discussion of the serious shit happening in our world.

Jonathan joins in at the bottom of the hour… And we check in with Spocko who fact checks the crazy rebuttal from Katie Britt who apparently learned one thing from the head of the Republican party: how to lie!

While the rest of the nation is struggling after losing an hour yesterday morning for Daylight Savings Time, here in Arizona our clocks stayed on standard time. You’d think that would make me happy, right? Well, I didn’t lose an hour of sleep, but I did lose an hour of show prep time!

This show still airs from 5-6pm ET/2-3pm PT… That means here in AZ, I hit the air at 2pm instead of 3 each weekday afternoon… I’ll try not to be late.