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Last week, my husband sent me an opinion piece from the Washington Post headlined “I don’t want your god in charge of my health care,” knowing it would strike a chord with me. So I reached out to the author, Kate Cohen, and invited her on the show. Today’s the day.

So we’ll talk about the unsettling trend of Catholic-owned hospitals and doctors offices refusing to provide essential healthcare services because of the religious dogma of the church. She’s also putting the finishing touches on her new book, We of Little Faith, in which she encourages those who are atheists or nonbelievers to be loud and proud (my words, not hers!). Follow Kate on Twitter, and subscribe to her column at the Washington Post!

But there’s lots of news to cover before Kate Cohen joins us at around the 30 minute mark… Day 2 of the new SCOTUS term, and Kejani Brown Jackson is making herself at home, and making herself heard. Finally! Of course, there’s the latest outrage to fill you in on concerning the liar/hypocrite Herschel Walker, and the truly reprehensible Ron DeSantis, whose sleaziness is further exposed each day..