Ray Davies (The Kinks)

      Like most people my age, I grew up with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks. Some artists are just legendary in stature, and those three are rock and roll royalty in my book. So when I heard Ray Davies was in town for a show, had written a new book, and a new Kinks album was coming out, I figured I'd try to get him in the studio for an interview. Though he said no to a live performance, he did join me on the air for one of the most memorable mornings of my [...]

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11-6-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Kinks Yes, Keystone No!

It's Friday! After Nicole Sandler runs down the news stories she wasn't able to get to this week with some help from Julianna Forlano, it's Flashback Friday time. Although we've previously shared Nicole's May 1996 interview with The Kinks' Ray Davies, the follow-up, recorded at the airport a week or so later, had been missing, until today. Nicole shares both Ray Davies interviews today. Plus a last minute final rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline too!

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7-31-15 Nicole Sandler Show – A Bernie-palooza

  Senator Bernie Sanders is in Ft. Lauderdale this morning, speaking at the Urban League's national conference as part of this morning's Presidential Plenary. I've been trying to get Bernie back on the show since he announced his candidacy, to no avail. It's a mixed blessing -- he's gained so much popularity and momentum that he's in demand, and that's a great thing. But sadly, our access to him is limited. I'm not complaining. We've had Bernie to ourselves for a long time. Now we're sharing him with everyone else. So, this morning while I attempt to meet him in [...]

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Kinky Flashback Friday

Get your head out of the gutter. It's Kinky because today's "Flashback Friday" segment features Ray Davies of The Kinks! I had the honor of interviewing him a few times, but today we went back to our first meeting, at Los Angeles' KSCA fm 101.9. I can't find the exact date, but it was somewhere around 1995 or 96. Ray had just published his book X-Ray: The Unauthorized Biography, and was in town for a series of shows called "20th Century Man" which wound up being the blueprint for VH1's Storyteller series! Needless to say, that interview was one of the [...]

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