12-1-21 Nicole Sandler Show – With A Little Help From My Friend Kelly Carlin

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   I'll admit it... I have The Beatles on my mind. We're in the middle of watching Get Back, the new documentary on the last album and live performance from the greatest band in history. But I've already learned a few things from it. Relationships are complicated. Life isn't fair. Working within a group is often more difficult than the solo route. And even the biggest band in the history of the world sometimes needed a reset to clear their minds and souls [...]

4-17-20 Sandler Show Nicole Sandler Show – Ali Velshi, Kelly Carlin and Me

Download here or click below to play   It's Friday, and we have a great show to end the week. In the first half hour, a no-holds barred conversation MSNBC's Ali Velshi.  In addition to all of his work on MSNBC, Ali maintains an informative website at Velshi.com ... followed by a visit from Kelly Carlin, who took her life lessons learned from her iconic father, George Carlin, and her masters studies in Jungian Psychology to help the rest of us muddle through. Since muddling is difficult during quarantine, Kelly will lead us on a helpful, calming guided meditation! To [...]

1-18-19 Nicole Sandler Show – Should He Run or Not, and Women on the Verge

  Welcome to Friday. Thank goodness this week is just about over. We'll bring you the latest in the insane news cycle... and visit with two great guests. Columnist Will Bunch was a big Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016, but is urging him not to run in 2020. We find out why in this column from 1/10.    You should also check out his newest column on the LA Teachers' strike. Our second guest today is Kelly Carlin. In addition to being George's daughter, Kelly is (as she describes herself) is a thinker, writer, talker and doodler. She’s funny, serious, [...]

9-22-17 Nicole Sandler Show – Dealing with Life in the Trump Era with Kelly Carlin

Laughter helps. But sometimes it's hard to laugh, and despite being George's daughter, Kelly Carlin isn't all about comedy. Kelly  returned to the show to talk about her new webinar on unplugging, mindfulness, meditation and a lot more. If you're inspired to join in, Kelly offered our listeners 20% off using the promo code FALL. We started the show with the latest on the GOP's efforts to kill our healthcare. The good news is that John McCain came out as a hard NO on Graham-Cassidy. The bad news is that it's not over yet, so don't be overly confident. Call [...]

11-20-15 Berning Down the House

Bernie Sanders delivered his speech on Democratic Socialism yesterday, but if you get your news from the mainstream, corporate TV media, you'd never know. So Nicole shares some highlights this morning. Plus Kelly Carlin on her new book about life with her dad, George Carlin, and a Flashback Friday musical blast with the BoDeans from Nicole's radio past to end the week.

A Week of Double-Headers

This week, I'll be guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show in addition to my own show here at RadioOrNot. To any of Randi's fans coming here for info, she's just taking a week off and will be back at her microphone on Monday. I promise! Today, I'm honored to speak with Thom Hartmann.  He'll join me on both shows to talk about his latest project, Last Hours.  The first short video in the series is available at that link, and right here: I hope you'll take the few minutes to watch it, and listen to our discussions today.  I just [...]

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