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This week, I’ll be guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show in addition to my own show here at RadioOrNot.

To any of Randi’s fans coming here for info, she’s just taking a week off and will be back at her microphone on Monday. I promise!

Today, I’m honored to speak with Thom Hartmann.  He’ll join me on both shows to talk about his latest project, Last Hours.  The first short video in the series is available at that link, and right here:

I hope you’ll take the few minutes to watch it, and listen to our discussions today.  I just hope we’re not too late!

It’s Monday, so Nicole Belle and her colleagues at Crooks and Liars are still recovering from watching the Sunday news shows.  Nicole joins in each Monday morning with her take on what went on… today”

I went to a baby shower this weekend.  One of the games that was played was recording everything the mom-to-be said as she opened her gifts.  The hostess then repeated them with an addendum “…in bed!” to supposedly recount what was said on the night the baby was conceived

While that was a little silly, it did occur to me that you could listen to any of the pronouncements on a Sunday show about how Americans feel and add “with Republicans in charge!” and it would be truthful.  Try it:

Americans don’t like the direction the country is going…with Republicans in charge!

Americans don’t like Obamacare…with Republicans in charge!

Americans have record low trust in politicians…with Republicans in charge!

See? It works pretty well.

What doesn’t seem to be working very well is the media.  Listen to David Gregory quote Ron Fournier to ask if President Obama’s “lack of leadership” isn’t his lasting legacy.  Thankfully, EJ Dionne is on hand to point out that when you hear “leadership”, it generally means “capitulation” to Republicans.

Gloria Borger, subbing for Candy Crowley, knew exactly what buttons to push to wind up perennial Sunday show guest John McCain.  Bitter McCrankypants bemoanedhow President Obama gloated (???) and then had to get a couple digs in on foreign policy as well.  John, you lost. Get over it.

Maria Bartiromo is allegedly an expert on finance, hence her twenty-year tenure at CNBC.  But it appears that her job is to simply be a cheerleader for Wall Street. She’s not happy with the $13 billion fine that was levied against JP Morgan Chase, led by her buddy Jamie Dimon.  She thinks that holding Jamie Dimon and companyliable for nearly destroying the economy and criminal fraud is a bad thing because now Wall St won’t create jobs.  No answer f or why they didn’t create jobs before being held accountable.

Never let it be said that the media doesn’t know who the real victims are from the government shutdown: the Republicans.  Listen to Martha Raddatz, subbing for George Stephanopoulos, chide Nancy Pelosi for being mean to Republicans.

And finally, the media’s newest love-hate relationship is with Ted Cruz.  They really want to love him, because his petulant and ignorant stances make for great news fodder and fills content.  But he’s not a lovable guy, as they like to point out to him frequently, and makes as many enemies within his party as he does without.  But Dana Bash isn’t equipped to deal with the level of insanity that Ted Cruz offers, insisting that the GOP lost the “defund Obamacare” battle because they didn’t play mean and accuse Dems of holding children “hostage”.

This afternoon, on Randi’s show, we’ll speak again with Thom Hartmann in a simulcast on both his show and Randi’s!.  Plus Congressman Alan Grayson will give a post mortem on the shutdown and, perhaps, today’s GOP.

And because we need some laughs, Kelly Carlin will join in to talk a bit about her late father and how she finally gave in to the comedy bug too!