5-9-16 Nicole Sandler Show – The Day the Democratic Party Left Me

Nicole tells about her experience running to be a Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer, and her reasons for thinking the party will self-destruct before giving Bernie Sanders a fair shake. It's Monday, so Joel Silberman injects some dignity and words of wisdom as we inch closer to the general election.

5-2-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Turn Up Your Mind

As we move into May, the media is doing everything in its power to kill Bernie Sanders campaign, just as he’s poised for another winning streak. Media trainer & strategist Joel Silberman joins to talk about the media’s role in a campaign and to weigh in on President Obama’s final White House Correspondents Dinner and Larry Wilmore’s performance too. And in hour two, Randi Rhodes returns to talk about the election insanity and to give an update on our progress in launching her new show and our new network!

4-18-16 Nicole Sandler Show – NY, Money & Kasichsplaining too

Today is the day your 2015 income taxes are due. It's a good day to compare and contrast the candidates to see how your dollars would be spent in their respective administrations. Today, Joel Silberman returns as he votes in NY tomorrow. And Cliff Schecter sets the record straight on John Kasich, the governor of his home state, and I coin a new term, Kasichsplaining

20160404 Nicole Sandler Show – Fighting for 15 (and much more!)

As the $15 minimum wage is signed into law today in both NY and California, Nicole Sandler speaks with SEIU International VP and author of the forthcoming book, "The Fight for $15" David Rolf. Plus, it's Monday, so Joel Silberman will share some wisdom on the media and the 2016 presidential race.

3-28-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Feel the Bird!

We told you it was Primary Season 2.0. Nicole Sandler welcome Joel Silberman back to the show to talk about the Birdie symbolism on display this weekend, and Bernie Sanders’ landslide victories in all three caucuses on Saturday. Gaius Publius returns with the real delegate counts so you can push back on the corporate media spin. And Nicole tracked down the creator of the hashtag #BernieMadeMeWhite in Japan!

3-14-16 Nicole Sandler Show – Piece of the Pi

It's National Pi Day! Nicole Sandler welcomes Bernie Sanders supporter Portia Boulger to the show after she was mis-identified by Trump supporters as the Nazi salute woman outside one of this rallies. Plus Joel Silberman weighs in on the media malpractice that created the monster that is Donald Trump.

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