Sorry for the delay in posting today’s show… I’m doing double duty for one more day, guest hosting The BradCast! So I’ll make this short and sweet…

Joel Silberman joined me to bask in the glory of Birdie Sanders and a big winning weekend for Bernie!

Gaius Publius gave us the actual delegate count, noting that every major news organization (NY Times, Washington Post,, RealClearPolitics) all had the numbers wrong! And I’m not just saying that they counted the super delegates when they shouldn’t (though they do), but they didn’t update the results now that all the votes are counted. I guess they needed a day off for Easter.

The accurate totals are all posted here. (You might want to keep that one bookmarked.)

After noticing the hashtag #BernieMadeMeWhite, and reading about where it came from, I tracked down and spoke with the guy who started it – Leslie Lee, an American living in Japan. 

And today’s preshow music was dedicated to Birdie Sanders!

See you tomorrow, radio or not!