Fight for 15


History is being made today. The governors of both New York and California are today both signing legislation raising each state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

The fight began in Brooklyn back in 2012 (yes, we covered it on the show then here and you can listen to that day’s show here!). A mere 3 1/2 years later, there are cities around the nation who’ve raised the minimum wage, and today, the two largest states in the union make it official.

This morning, I spoke with David Rolf, International VP of SEIU and President of SEIU Local 775, whose new book, The Fight for $15: The Right Wage for a Working America will be released a week from tomorrow (4.12). 

We spoke about the huge strides made for workers’ rights in the wake of the biggest war on labor since the labor movement began. 

Of course, the fact that Hillary Clinton is at NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s side today when he signs the bill into law didn’t escape me, and the fact that Sec. Clinton hasn’t endorsed the Fight for 15 (instead she’s promoting “Settle for 12). Of course, I pressed Mr. Rolf on the reason for SEIU’s leadership decision to endorse Clinton over Sanders rather than letting the membership vote on it, instead of going for the candidate who stands with the Fight for 15 or remaining neutral in the primary. 

By the way, if you doubt any of what I said above, just google it. Or read “SEIU Endorses Hillary Clinton, But Rank-and-File Activists Say Push for Bernie Sanders Isn’t Over” at In These Times.

As he does on Monday mornings, media trainer and strategist Joel Silberman weighed in on the ever-crazier GOP primary race, and the growing disconnect on the left too… 

During the News Update from Talk Media News, we touched on the Panama Papers which came to light overnight, and is setting the world on fire, as we learn about “Politicians, Criminals and the Rogue Industry that Hides Their Cash!”

Tomorrow, onward to Wisconsin…. and GottaLaff too, radio or not!

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