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Wow, what a weekend. Bernie Sanders went to the Vatican to deliver an address at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on Friday, where

Sanders decried the “immoral” gap between the world’s rich and poor that he said was worse than a century ago.

Although Sen. Sanders did get to meet the Pope, the most monumental moment of the trip was probably captured in this photograph:

Bernie Sanders  Evo Morales

Bernie Sanders with Bolivian President Evo Morales at the Vatican

My friend Stephen Benson posted this on Facebook under that picture:

if there is a single evening that defines the differences between these candidates, this is it. do you want to build relationships that will improve the condition of the world and its people, or do you want to shill for the .1%? i still have people i respect and love who are ardent clinton supporters and i refrain from things that might be perceived as personal attacks (although many supporters on both sides seem to feel that telling the truth about someone and their positions is an “attack”), but, a deliniation of who they are, what they care about, and who stands to benefit from their presidency is rarely more stark or more clear.


In the meantime, Bernie Sanders has been talking a lot about morality, invoking the words of another inspiring leader, Rev. Dr. William Barber, the man who founded the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina. In case you hadn’t heard, Rev. Barber was removed from an American Airlines flight on Friday for daring to confront a racists who was harassing him.

Opposite world, indeed. In case you need a reminder of who Rev Barber is, click here,  here and here.

Today on the show, being Monday, we welcomed Joel Silberman back in hour one to talk about the myriad of issues from the last debate to Bernie’s NYC rallies, to the dueling trips out of NY (Bernie to the Vatican, Hillary to raise obscene amounts of money in CA with George Clooney), and more…

In the second hour, I invited friend and Ohio voter, Cliff Schecter, to tell us what the rest of the country needs to know about John Kasich, who is by no means a “reasonable” Republican.

Here’s Kasichsplaining to a college student that to avoid being raped on campus, she shouldn’t go to parties where alcohol is served (!), and here he is Kasichsplaining religion and Passover (invoking Jesus to rabbis?) to orthodox Hassidic Rabbis in Brooklyn.

Oy vey, the Chutzpah!

In light of this moron possibly getting the Republican nomination, Cliff Schecter joined in during the second hour of today’s show to tell you all you need to know about Ohio’s governor and wanna be president, John Kasich. Sadly, at the very end, we butted heads over our preferred nominee…  but that’s what happens at this time in a presidential election year. 

Tomorrow DeRay McKesson, The Gliberal Goddesses, and whatever else the world throws at us, radio or not….