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Welcome to Monday! Joel Silberman joined in, as he does each Monday morning, today pushing back on the media “pros” & pundits who keep calling for Bernie Sanders to drop out. In fact, Bernie held a press conference yesterday to explain exactly where his campaign is and his plans for the future.

I played a good portion of it, and here’s the rest. Your best defense against the Shills and bots is knowledge. Get armed with the facts!

As regular listeners of this program know, I’m working with Randi Rhodes to help launch her new show and our new online media channel! Randi joined me for the second hour today to bring you up to date on our progress, and to weigh in on the 2016 presidential primary race. 

Follow Randi on Twitter, Facebook, and check out her new website… and stay tuned. We’re still shooting for June 6! 

And here’s your homework for today!

Tomorrow is primary day in Indiana… and my daughter turns 17! The Gliberal Goddesses will be here, and we’ll see what else the day brings us, radio or not!